#BB10: Check out the FIRST NOMINATIONS of Bigg Boss Season 10!

The most awaited moment of Bigg Boss Season 10 is here! 15 dhamakedaar contestants have entered the Bigg Boss house and this crazy mix of celebrities and commoners is already creating a storm inside. The day started with the contestants waking up to the song Saare Niyam Tod Do’ but are soon introduced to the new rule book that they have to follow for the entire week.

According to the rule book, the celebrities are supposed to be sevaks to the commoners and oblige all their requests. Celebrities are not allowed to use the bathroom, gym or pool before the commoners or without their permissions. They are required to eat only on banana leaves and are forbidden from using any kitchen utensils. The Indiawale’ commoners are required to ring a bell- Hukm Ki Ghanti and give the order to the celebrities. While it proves to be a nightmare for the celebrities, Indiawale rejoice their supremacy.

The day sees the commoners enjoying their new found status to the hilt. Priyanka Jagga feels insulted when Bani ignores her prying questions about her age. Priyanka, Manoj and Manveer are further seen hurdling and looking for reasons to allot more work to the celebrities. Right from criticizing their culinary skills, to making them clean the swimming pool thrice a day, to not letting them take bath before they are done, the commoners ensure that the celebrities are treated in the most common way. Surprisingly, the celebrities are seen putting up a brave front and take charge of the household chores with a smiling face. While Lopamudra Raut engages in cooking, Gaurav Chopraa makes sure that their scope of work does not go beyond the rule book.

Later in the evening, Bigg Boss introduces the most important process of the house- the first nominations of the season, where each commoner is asked to nominate 2 celebrities. The celebrities, on the other hand, are collectively asked to decide 2 names from the commoners that they would like to nominate.

Want to know the nominated names? The contestants who have been nominated this time are Gaurav Chopra, Monalisa , Priyanka Jagga and Manu Punjabi. Despite of having a very powerful entry in the house, these participants could not impress the other mates. Who do you think will be the first contestant to be evicted in the house?

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