Sonakshi’s new ‘EXPOSE MISSION’ against Ishwari in Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi!

Is Ishwari showing her true colors to Sonakshi?

Dramatic twists and turns just don’t stop unfolding in Sony TV’s ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’ much to the amusement of audiences. Post Dev and Sonakshi’s marriage, each episode of the show has witnessed some or the other matrimonial problem in Dev and Sonakshi’s life!

The two protagonist characters have been at par due to their regional differences throughout their marriage and now starts the age-old battle where the prodigal son is torn apart between his mother and wife.

Ishwari and Dadi bua will once again be seen cornering Sonakshi for a petty issue where Sonakshi will incidentally fail to keep her promise of not seeing Dev for nine days as a part of the Navratri ritual. Watching Sonakshi being shouted upon, Dev will come in support of her. Ishwari’s gesture clearly indicates that she agreed to get Sonakshi married to Dev only for his happiness and now that she is trying to find out faults in whatever Sonakshi does, the latter has started doubting Ishwari’s intentions of letting the couple live happily.

Sonakshi will now devise a plan to expose Ishwari in front of Dev as she doubts that Ishwari is intentionally harassing her!

Ishwari, who cannot handle the thought of Sonakshi taking over Dev’s life completely, continues to plot circumstances against Sonakshi for her own selfish needs. How will Sonakshi bring this to Dev’s notice will be something to watch out for!

Apart from this, Ishwari has been asking Dev to promote Vicky but he has been reluctant to do so. The sequence will soon showcase a showdown of a discussion where the family will put forth their suggestion to promote Vicky. However, it will be on Sonakshi’s advise that Dev will agree to promote him.

Furthermore, when Vicky will come face to face with Sonakshi, he will try to show her down without knowing the fact that it is only because of her that he has been promoted. Watching Vicky embarrass Sonakshi, Dev will get furious and will argue with Sonakshi of how she is standing up for someone who does not deserve a promotion.

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