Maya’s HOT proposal for Arjun in Beyhadh!

Sony TV’s Beyhadh, is fast progressing towards its main crux, Maya’s Beyhadh’ deewangi towards Arjun. The viewers have already been treated to many glimpses of Maya’s obsessive side. And with the following sequence, Maya will go all out with her obsession of possessing Arjun.

Maya (Jennifer Winget) and Arjun (Kushal Tandon) will be out for a professional commitment when Maya would decide to confess her feelings for Arjun. She would blindfold him and take him high up in a hot air balloon. A scared Arjun panics and asks Maya to stop whatever surprise she has lined up for him.

But Maya being Maya, is used to going about her way with things. She confesses her love to Arjun, which leaves him shocked and speechless.

Arjun, who does not feel anything for Maya, tries to make her understand that he does not love her. He even begs Maya and tells her to limit their relationship of a boss and employee to that of friendship.

But Maya pays no heed to his requests and threatens to dismantle the air pump of the balloon and throw both of them down from a great height. This is when Arjun sees the first glimpse of Maya’s dangerous obsessive side.
With no other option left in front of him, Arjun accepts Maya’s proposal and agrees to be with her. How will Arjun deal with this? How will Saanjh react to this? Keep reading this space for more updates.

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