BB10: Captain Bani gets criticized for her leadership skills…

Waking up the contestants to a bright and beautiful day on the tunes of ‘Teri Galliyan’ is Bollywood’s ace singer and composer Ankit Tiwari, who pays them a surprise visit. Soon after, the cast of Tum Bin 2 – Neha Sharma, Aditiya Seal and Aashim Gulati also join in and the housemates give them a warm welcome.

Starting the day on a fun note, Neha Sharma gives Lopa, Mona and Lokesh a task where they have to choose a partner among the guys and shake a leg with them. While Lopa picks Gaurav, Mona selects Manu and Lokesh pairs up with Aditiya Seal.

Feeling a little guilty about hurting Monalisa during the Parda Phaash task, Om Swami apologizes to her by touching her feet and asks her to convince Manu to accept his apology.

With Bani becoming the first captain of the house, Bigg Boss asks her to take an oath stating that she will fulfill all the responsibilities of a captain with utmost sincerity. Taking on the mandate, Bani discusses allocation of household chores with the housemates and delegates work amongst everyone.

Bigg Boss not only assigns a separate bed to Bani, but also gives her the power to allot beds to other contestants. Giving first preference to Rahul, Gaurav, Karan and Rohan, Bani asks them to move next to her.

After noticing that no bed has been allotted to them, Manveer and Navin get annoyed and Manveer blames Bani for giving preference to her own people and not allotting beds to them.

A fight erupts between Lokesh, Mona, and Manu after Lokesh goes to the washroom and disturbs Manu while he is mopping the floor. Without noticing the wet floor, Lokesh walks in and when Manu asks her to step aside, she cunningly responds saying that she did not notice the wet floor.

Mona and Manu get miffed with her and ask captain Bani to give her a piece of her mind. Furthermore, Lokesh dips her feet inside the pool while Manveer is cleaning it. Manveer asks her to move aside as cleaning is in progress.

But Lokesh refuses to budge and continues to irritate Manveer. Unable to handle Lokesh’s irritating antics, Manveer also complains to Bani and asks her to speak to Lokesh.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks Bani to name a contestant she wants to give an ‘Inam’ to and two contestants who she wishes to give a ‘Dand’ to. While the contestant winning the ‘Inam’ will get to have a lavish lunch with Bani, the contestants getting the ‘Dand’ will have to wash dirty dishes.

After giving it a lot of thought, Bani decides to punish Lopa and Manveer and give the prize to Manu. Listening to Bani’s decision, Lopa gets furious and announces that she will not cook meals for a week or cater to anyone’s special needs.

On the other hand, Rahul tells Gaurav and Rohan that Bani took an unfair decision as she could have given the prize to one of them and not Manu.

Before the day could come to an end, Bigg Boss asks Bani to elect two contestants whom she wants to punish and put inside the jail. As a friend, Manveer tells Bani that she is not taking the right decision as a captain and should play fair this time.

She responds to him saying that they will understand her situation only after one of them becomes the captain of the house.

How will Bani deal with the animosities brewing inside the house following her captainship? Who will she put inside the jail this time around?

Tune into Bigg Boss to know what happens!

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